The LoOper!

Loops, loops everywhere, Spirals they may call them here, Somewhere among the stardust of deep galaxies There’s an exotic world where they talk of pixies Where the loop of time bounds us Where no one ever reached office without a fuss. Rotted in the loop too long, Never found ones that belonged, I chose the … Continue reading The LoOper!



Opened the gates That lead nowhere Trapped inside yet bird free No place to stand, none to flee And nary a spark can ye see No maps, No GPS, No way No night, No dawn, No day I walk, I bump I crawl, I slump I climb, I fall Then I hit a wall I … Continue reading Oblivion

Being Sober – I

Sobriety is a tricky business for “certified” addicts. Reluctance is natural, and can be overcome using some (what suits you) techniques. But, when you have your own brain playing the illusionist on you, it’s better to seek help. That’s not at all easy. I tell everyone that the first step is always, as they call … Continue reading Being Sober – I

Spring Start – The First Bloom (Children By the Brook – I)

  Breather break of a faded spring A titillating time that bore wings Flying through cotton candy clouds Songs of frenzy we cried out loud Soaring high on sassy scarlet dreams Bearing innocence of a child’s scream Chirruping chirps, and twittering tweets Fluttering mosaic, and bumbling bees Oversized anthills, and sprawling fields Earthy, bountiful with … Continue reading Spring Start – The First Bloom (Children By the Brook – I)

The Great Indian Desert (THAR)–> Delirium Diaries

An Odious Morning: Flickering eyelids struggle to embrace the light Blushing pupils turn pinheads in their lost pride Beaming down out of the great ball of fire Warning my senses of a looming quagmire Flanging strings warp the time in my head When the only witness is the wind of death Standing frozen amongst an … Continue reading The Great Indian Desert (THAR)–> Delirium Diaries